Like Woah

Logic Album Cover

READ ALL ABOUT IT! Speculation behind Logic’s logistical phrase, “Like Woah…” is controversial at the water-cooler. Questioning his motive and instant gratification is unknownst to the world, until today! I spoke with hooligans, revolutionists, liberals, and idealists about this crucial topic. What makes you go, like woah?

Weezer’s White Album All Too Predictable

Weezer then and now

April 1, 2016. Weezer emerges from the beaches of Los Angeles to release their tenth studio album referred to as The White Album. 34 minutes and 5 seconds. 10 tracks total. Short and to the point. The White Album is predictably satisfying.

2018: The Year of Change?

Young me in a subway

It’s a new year, and I see that I barely posted anything. It upsets me, seeing how little I posted in 2017; though, a lot has changed as I’ve said before. Life is always changing, a cliche, I know. I’ve always enjoyed writing, and what needs to happen is writing. Before I started this website, it was going to be used a tool, a platform, where I could write about video games. In 2017, I decided to open it up to anything. My platform is not changing, though you may see a new ‘theme’ here and there. This could be good, this could be bad. Experience the journey with me, if you want.

Discovering Zooey – An Indie Surprise

Written by: Casey Lightford, Edited by: Brian King The year is only just beginning in terms of music. January is usually dead, lacking in new releases from more popular artists. However, indie music is different. January may be the perfect time to release an album when listeners want to discover something new. Enter Zooey with their debut album The Drifters. No, this isn’t Zooey Deschanel, nor is it the original Drifters from the 1950s. Zooey in an intriguing indie electronica-pop band from London. That’s a mouthful, I know–stay with me though. My recent discovery of this group was happenstance. I don’t usually go finding new music on iTunes browser, but with a band named Zooey, I thought this could be different.

Infinifactory: A Mind Explosion

Tim and Eric Mind Explosion Gif with Block Head

Written by: Casey Lightford, Edited by: Casey Lightford The What? Infinifactory is a frustrating fun engineering-esque puzzle game that involves assembly lines with complex simple tasks in space.