2018: The Year of Change?

Young me in a subway

It’s a new year, and I see that I barely posted anything. It upsets me, seeing how little I posted in 2017; though, a lot has changed as I’ve said before. Life is always changing, a cliche, I know. I’ve always enjoyed writing, and what needs to happen is writing. Before I started this website, it was going to be used a tool, a platform, where I could write about video games. In 2017, I decided to open it up to anything. My platform is not changing, though you may see a new ‘theme’ here and there. This could be good, this could be bad. Experience the journey with me, if you want.

Lists are fun. Let’s write a list.

1.) Expect posts. I guess that’s reasonable. Maybe see this as a journal, sometimes. I don’t know where this will go, but I do know where I want it to go.

2.) One of my goals is to figure out HTML. It’s a very useful tool that I’ve taught myself over the past few years. I’m not the best, but I have an understanding. It’s something that interests me, like many things you will read on here.

3.) What’s the point? A question I asked myself before doing this again, for the third time. I assume that I will do something, because I paid for a service. For example, if I went to a gym and paid the membership, I would go to the gym; at least I assume, I will go to the gym. The reasoning, well, it is my money and I do hate to waste. As my old high school teacher said to me numerous times,

“What lasts forever? Nothing. Unless it’s a diamond.”

4.) Lists are fun, so expect one of those soon. I kept track of absurd statistics in 2017.

5.) There is one last thing I want to leave you with: my thought process.

It’s worth noting that I go on tirades where I write nonstop. It keeps me up late, and if I write something, usually I can fall asleep. Normally, this involves poetry or music of some sort. However, I do come up with some ideas about blog posts.

Also, references are quite important to me. However, there are two types of references that provoke me: the entertainment side and personal side. If I get stuck on either side, it can mean sleepless nights, or heavy writing. I don’t usually use ‘inspiration’ when I write, though the older I get, I use more of my past experiences for blah blah blah (I seriously wanted to say ‘blah’ three times). Take that with a grain of sodium, pepper, or even cumin.

The funny part about all of this is that I’m going to re-read this entire post multiple times. Make changes. Exclude ‘filler’ words, as I like to call them, but include them when necessary, or even add ‘blah blah blah.’

I’ll do my best. I’ll keep you posted. Thanks for reading.

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