A Conversation About Video Games

Lucky Lightford wearing his lucky t-shirt.

Hello reader,

Welcome to The Lightford Meta. I want to have a conversation about video games and the world in which they live. Video games differ in size and type, based on complex code that a majority of people do not understand; this, however, does not tarnish the product. We should be grateful for those with the capacity to make new, innovated worlds where fantasy can act as reality.

My goal for this blog is to educate readers in video game culture. I also want to discuss opinions in regards to budgeting for video games, explore how story elements relate to literary concepts, propose new ideas, raise novel “what if” scenarios, and cover many more topics I am excited to reveal in future posts. I will act with due diligence to research ideas and provide facts accordingly.

The Lightford Meta will go beyond simple concepts and transcend to external factors as well. The video game world has achieved numerous advances, and many new possibilities have developed that were not feasible twenty years ago. The meta is always changing, and I am here to talk about it.

Thank you for reading,

Lucky Lightford

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