Conquered Games of 2015

Backlog, I hate the word. It should be wiped out of every gamer’s mind. The word invokes a negative connotation. Video games are my hobby and I like to look at the positive side. I cherish the moments when I decimate the final boss, find every hidden secret in a level, or even participating in short alpha/beta programs. I never want to forget these moments, and the best way for me to keep track is with a list.

I started my Conquered Games list in 2013 to aid in understanding my gaming habits, time constraints, and accomplishments. This list is not meant to show how quickly I can beat a game or prove that I game too much/little. My list is meant to be something positive for me to look back on.

Without further adieu,








  • 09/24/15 – Ronin (Happy Ending)



*Games started in 2014

In total, I conquered 32 video games in 2015. My list is a mixture of indie titles, mobile exclusives, and console supported video games, but these do not tell the whole story. For example, you will likely notice the large concentration of Halo games in November. This is a result of my preparation for upcoming Halo articles leading up to my completion of the recent release of Halo 5.


Destiny and HotS Collage
Images via Bungie and Blizzard

Honorable Mentions

There are two video games that shine among the pile of unfinished video games (Notice how I did not use the word backlog here). It is not because they are unbeatable, but because they always have me in their grasp. These are Destiny and Heroes of the Storm.

Destiny: The Song That Never Ends

Destiny knows how to play games with my heart. I completed the story missions, downloadable content (DLC) and raids multiple times with three different characters. My main character is a level 40 Warlock with a 305 light level, which is still not the highest level in Destiny. With careful consideration, I cannot deem this game “conquered” because of the shared aspects to a Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) video game. I continue to play Destiny because there is better equipment than my own and the raids are incredibly fun when playing with a team. Destiny will continue to update and release new expansions which creates even more hours of gameplay. My current total time played is listed at 23 days 12 hours and 35 minutes; there is no stopping me.

Heroes of the Storm: MOBA, Mo’ Problems

Heroes of the Storm is a free-to-play Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA). Each week, a new set of characters are free to try out in the Hero Rotation which adds more to the replay value. In order to purchase additional in-game content, I can earn gold from completing daily tasks or matches. I have yet to spend any real money on content, but that can be difficult when there are so many new heroes to choose from. Currently, Heroes of the Storm offers 46 heroes (I am counting Cho’Gall as two characters) with another on the way. I love playing this game during downtime and with friends. I played 259 games and will continue to support this excellent video game. Expect more articles about this MOBA in the future.


I am very excited to witness the evolving video game culture of 2016. I look forward to all the new releases and titles I will conquer. I predict that I will likely finish fewer video games in 2016 because my gaming habits and goals will push me to do more than what my hobby can provide. I love video games and plan to release the completed list for 2016 next year. Check out my Conquered Games of 2014 list here.

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