Conquered Games of 2016

Written by: Casey Lightford, Edited by: Kaila Stevens

Backlog–I still hate the word. It should be wiped out of every gamer’s mind. The word invokes a negative connotation; it threatens a game’s life. Video games are my hobby and I want more positivity in my life. I cherish the moments when I decimate the final boss, find every hidden secret in a level, or even participating in short alpha/beta programs. I never want to forget these moments, and the best way for me to keep track is with a list.

I started my Conquered Games list in 2013 to aid in understanding my gaming habits, time constraints, and accomplishments. This list is not meant to show how quickly I can beat a game or prove that I game too much/little. My list is meant to be something positive for me to look back on.

Without further adieu,













*Game started in 2015

In total, I conquered 38 unique video games in 2016. My list is a mixture of indie titles, mobile exclusives, and console supported video games, but these do not tell the whole story.

Overwatch is the ball in Rocket League Logo

Honorable Mentions

There are two video games that shine among the pile of unfinished video games (Notice how I did not use the word backlog here). It is not because they are unbeatable, but because they always have me in their grasp.


When I first purchased Overwatch at launch, I incurred roughly 20 hours of gameplay with a few friends. I stopped playing for months until more friends bought it on PC. Since then, I have over 60 hours. This chaotic, yet cooperative first-person shooter (FPS) is one of the best online games I’ve ever played. It reminds me of the fun I used to have with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Shadowrun (the Xbox 360 version). I would not have guessed that Blizzard, the company known for role-playing games (RPG) and real-time strategy (RTS) titles, could make something as wonderful as this. I will continue to play Overwatch for years to come with each new update, character, map, and balance tweak.

Rocket League

This vehicular combat arena with tiny cars and giant soccer balls was a huge hit. I remember attending Quakcon a couple weeks after its release and everyone in the BYOC room was playing Rocket League. I was happy to see its success; it is something special. Thanks to Playstation Plus, I was able to pick up Rocket League at launch. I completed the tutorial and played some online, but it never caught on with me. I purchased the game on PC later in 2016 through a Humble Bundle, and surprisingly, my friends are still playing it. Only a measly 16 hours played in 2016, but it is steadily rising. I’m excited to see what new maps and gameplay Psyonix comes up with next.


I am very excited to witness what this year has to offer. I look forward to all the new releases and titles I will conquer. I predict that I will likely finish even more games because of all the free-time on my hands at the moment. I love video games and plan to release the completed list for 2017 next year. Check out my Conquered Games of 2015 list here.

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