Conquered Games of 2017


Backlog–I still hate the word. It should be wiped out of every gamer’s mind. The word invokes a negative connotation; it threatens a game’s life. Video games are my hobby and I want more positivity in my life. I cherish the moments when I decimate the final boss, find every hidden secret in a level, or even participating in short alpha/beta programs. I never want to forget these moments, and the best way for me to keep track is with a list.

I started my Conquered Games list in 2013 to aid in understanding my gaming habits, time constraints, and accomplishments. This list is not meant to show how quickly I can beat a game or prove that I game too much/little. My list is meant to be something positive for me to look back on.

Without further adieu,









*Game started in 2016

In total, I conquered 25 unique video games in 2017. However, these do not tell the whole story.

Honorable Mention

PlayerUnkown’s Battlegrounds

This game is unlike any I have ever played. The battle royale mechanics, the fear of death, the joy of winning, everything about this game screams a near-perfect experience. There are top 10 chances that were a disaster, with my heart pounding. I won matches with friends where we saw only one team at the end, and ran over them. I had a scenario where it was 1v3, and luck was on my side.

However, what holds these battlegrounds back is its developers; communication issues, latency problems, the lack of a decent port on the Xbox One, but I digress. I have over 200 hours played and most of it was probably me dying. I’m not the best when it comes to the shooting mechanics, but I believe I’m decent at the strategy behind it. I expect my friends and I to keep playing PlayerUnknown’s Battleground until a better competitor can somehow topple it off its throne.


I am very excited to witness what this year has to offer. I look forward to all the new releases and titles I will conquer. I predict that I will likely finish even more games because of all the free-time on my hands at the moment. I love video games and plan to release the completed list for 2018 next year. Check out my Conquered Games of 2016 list here.

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