Infinifactory: A Mind Explosion

Tim and Eric Mind Explosion Gif with Block Head

Written by: Casey Lightford, Edited by: Casey Lightford The What? Infinifactory is a frustrating fun engineering-esque puzzle game that involves assembly lines with complex simple tasks in space.

Conquered Games of 2016

Written by: Casey Lightford, Edited by: Kaila Stevens Backlog–I still hate the word. It should be wiped out of every gamer’s mind. The word invokes a negative connotation; it threatens a game’s life. Video games are my hobby and I want more positivity in my life. I cherish the moments when I decimate the final boss, find every hidden secret in a level, or even participating in short alpha/beta programs. I never want to forget these moments, and the best way for me to keep track is with a list.

Welcome Back

FFXV Logo on Mountains

Written by: Casey Lightford, Edited by: Kaila Stevens Good morning, afternoon, or evening, It’s great to see you, again. How have you been? Me? I’ve been better. 2016 was an interesting year with ups and downs. A cliche, I know, but don’t let that detract from this post. I’m here and I’m ready to write. Write about what? Whatever I want. I’m done focusing on a specific category. It’s time for me to write about what I want to write about. So… what other categories are we talking about here? In case you didn’t know, I’m an avid fan of music and I want to write it. My music scene has jumped all over the place from the 70s while in grade school, to the terrible high school years of Linkin Park, and resting in place at mostly indie music or other artists I trust. If this doesn’t sound like your cup a tea (more cliches), then don’t read it. Another enjoyment of mine is creative writing in the form of poetry. I’ve written thousands of poems in my life that never cease to amaze me. I have no clue where the inspiration comes from when writing, so this will be an adventure for both of us. If I have a poem I’d like to share, be sure to see it here. Sports. Don’t close the window yet; let me explain. I love sports. A lot. The stats, emotion, stories, history, and scandals are intriguing. In a way, my life revolves […] Read More

What if… Stephen King’s Cell Was A Telltale Game?

Written by: Casey Lightford, Edited by: Tiffany Edwards Telltale Games are story-driven, episodic adventure video games based on many popular licences such as Game of Thrones, Fables, and Batman. Each decision the protagonist makes has a consequence that alters the story. Telltale Games proved through comics, video game spinoff series, and book tie-ins that it can tell a compelling narrative with quick-time events (QTEs) mixed in. I challenge Telltale Games to create an episodic horror video game based on a book created by “The King of Horror” himself: Stephen King. I know Stephen King has a lot of work that could transition into a video game. The challenge would be choosing the right book. The one book that comes to mind (especially with the adaption coming to theaters soon) is Cell. It is worth noting that the Cell movie is completely different from the book with Stephen King helping with its screenplay. The Telltale Game for Cell will not be based on the movie, I want it based solely on the book. Let me pitch the idea:

Early Impressions: Overwatch Closed Beta

Written by: Jeremy Rieske, Edited by: Casey Lightford You know, the world could always use more heroes. – Tracer I finished another Overwatch beta test weekend, and I can’t be more excited for this game. I participated in the first weekend beta test in November and the latest one in April. With precious little time on my side, my goal was to find which heroes I could connect with. Interestingly, instead of finding that perfect gun in Call of Duty, or mastering a specific weapon in Halo, Overwatch is all about that perfect set of traits: How they move, use their gun, perform special abilities, and dominate the competition with their ultimate ability.