Dark Souls 3: The Blame Game

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Written and Edited by: Casey Lightford Dark Souls 3 is almost here and I am quite excited. I am ready to take my first leap into the Dark Souls franchise after playing the phenomenal Bloodborne. FromSoftware has made people love to die without blame. However, things changed with Dark Souls 3 with its ever-growing popularity. Since the game is already playable in Japan, the public reception has been mixed as everyone is trying to blame someone for spoilers, subtle changes, and ridiculous merchandise. I hope my opinions based on this blame game sheds some light onto this dark soul.

Early Impressions: The Division Beta

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Written and Edited by: Casey Lightford The Division beta came and went. I was fortunate to play it a day earlier on the Xbox One and used that time to form my list of impressions. With the second beta releasing on February 18, the new content for players to explore makes me optimistic. I know much of my list will not be in the final game (some of it is a non-factor, nearly miniscule), but I truly believe that this open beta will reveal a lot about The Division. It is worth noting that I will be purchasing The Division no matter what happens in the open beta. The main reason for this is because my friends and I are looking for an alternative to Destiny and we believe The Division will suffice. Hopefully, this will be our next video game we sink hundreds and hundreds of hours into.

Cho’Gall Destroys the Nexus with Reconnaissance

Written and Edited by: Casey Lightford Cho: “The pathetic wretches of this new realm already fear me.” Gall: “They should! So many souls for me to harness!” These are the first words uttered from Cho’Gall, a two-headed monstrosity. This horrid Ogre Mage first appeared in the real-time strategy (RTS) game called Warcraft II. From there, Cho’Gall attacked players from all reaches of the world in the massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) World of Warcraft: Cataclysm. Now, we see Cho’Gall work as a team to defeat heroes from Blizzard’s forefront in the multiplayer online battle arena-like (MOBA) game called Heroes of the Storm. Cho’Gall is the first hero, champion, god, or whatever MOBA-term you see fit, that requires two people to control them; never has this been done! After watching Blizzcon 2015, I did not know what to expect from this interesting duo. For players to control a complicated hero, they need to have the best communication skills to reach Cho’Gall’s full-potential. Their reconnaissance dives into the Nexus (a powerful trans-dimensional storm that Blizzard created to clash their universes together) to destroy their enemies with ease.

2015 Game of the Year

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Edited by: Sarah Jane Farron 2016 is here and what better way to start the year (and a newly launched site) off than to reveal the final contenders for my 2015 Game of the Year, leading up to the single game that claimed this prestigious award for itself. I’m a little cautious about revealing these games and my reasons for choosing them as people feel strongly about these awards and this is no small praise. I am content with my choices; though there were a lot of great games last year. I found it much easier to narrow down my list of contenders since I was unable to play many video games that were on most lists. So with all that said, here are my finalist contenders for my 2015 Game of the Year.

A Tribute To David Bowie

The many looks of David Bowie by Helen Green

David Bowie. The man, the myth, and sadly now, legend. He was a number of things: a singer, painter, model, artist, actor, and so much more. He was an incredibly influential person and an icon, the kind we may never see again. You might know his catchy songs, seen him on the big screen, or admired one of his many portraits, but regardless, It is clear how much of the world he touched. His embodiment and music extends into video games where his influence made a meaningful impact.